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Handwheel integrated metal composite gate
Handwheel integrated metal composite gate

The quotation for the integrated flapper gate is long service life. This product is a product developed by our company. Product attributes At that time, with the development of new material technology, there were composite material buckle doors, such as FRP and high-density polyethylene. There are also requirements for the diameter of the abrasive, which is between 0.75 and 3.0 mm. Check whether the gate installation position and civil engineering dimensions are consistent with the drawings. When using the manual gate, the force of the gate hoist should be even, do not use excessive force when lifting or closing, so as not to damage the positioning device. It is composed of door leaf load-bearing structure, walking support, water stop and spreader, etc. The drainage treatment of cast iron buckle door can be customized according to customer needs. Steel buckle doors can be easily maintained and connected in two ways: concrete pouring and flange connection. PM type is a rubber soft water-stop seal with good effect and impact resistance. After the buckle door is installed, it is normal that there is a gap of about 3mm between the door seat and the door leaf, which should be divided into two categories: integral type and assembled type.

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