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Reservoir stack gate
Reservoir stack gate

Anti-freezing method and repair for the gate of stacked beam

The icing of the gate groove will affect the normal opening and closing operation of the gate. The common solution is to arrange pipelines near the gate groove and the panel, and use a submersible pump or air compressor to regularly send in pressurized water or compressed air to make the water surface up and down. Or make the deep water layer with higher temperature and the surface water with lower temperature form convection to prevent the water surface near the gate from freezing.

1. The protection and repair of the submersible pump water supply system The submersible pump and piping system should be installed before the freezing period. Pay attention to the viewing protection of the submersible pump during operation. (1) Submersible pumps should use switchgear with overheating and leakage protection, and the neutral line should be firmly grounded. (2) The submersible pump should be installed in deep water as far as possible, and the suspension support should be firm, but the sedimentation or pollution should be prevented. (3) When the water level fluctuates, the position of the water pipe should also be adjusted to achieve a better effect. (4) When the submersible pump system is suspended, it should be flushed. (5) When the pump is running poorly, a dedicated person should perform maintenance according to the operating instructions.

2. Pay attention to the protection of the air compressor during the repair operation of the compressed air system (1) The installation of the fixed air compressor should be strong and reliable, and the mobile air compressor should have a braking method. (2) Open the vent valve of the air storage tank before starting the machine to make it start under no load. (3) The motor is well insulated, and the chassis grounding is safe and reliable. (4) Periodically discharge the oil and water accumulated in the gas storage tank. (5) Check whether the pipeline is blocked. (6) When shutting down for a long time, the diesel engine should be drained; (7) When the compressed air system is out of service, maintenance and repair should be carried out in accordance with regulations.

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