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Manually inserted steel gate
Manually inserted steel gate

Before starting the opening and closing, check the position of the screw rod, the motor, the gearbox, and the belt for any abnormalities. After admitting that it is normal, power on the opening and closing, and dispatch personnel, work, opening and closing purposes, and equipment inspection. Line life tracking service. According to the combination of the gate structure, the gate shall be filled in the "gate hoist operation record" with different start-up time. In large and medium-sized reservoir irrigation areas, screw hoists are often used to open and close gates.

Mainly engaged in hydraulic machinery,Hoist, A modern large-scale water conservancy engineering machinery manufacturer integrating design, technology development, sales, production and installation of gate equipment.

Our factory has sophisticated production equipment, strong technical force, complete testing methods and a sound quality assurance system. The product structure is reasonable, the function is reliable, and the variety is complete. After the quality inspection center of the Ministry of Water Resources, the technical indicators have reached the ministerial standard, and the outstanding market sales network and after-sales service system.

Insist that the equipment is always in an outstanding technical condition to extend its service life, reduce operating costs, and ensure safe and reliable operation. The steel dam only needs two sets of driving equipment. The driving method is simple in structure and convenient. It does not require special equipment such as oil pipes and pumping stations. If there is a power outage or other failures, manual equipment can be used.

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