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Rising pole integrated gate
Rising pole integrated gate

Steel gates include fixed wheel steel gates, stainless steel gates, stainless steel channel gates, stainless steel conditioning weir gates, FRP gates, and curved steel gates. The steel structure gate uses high-quality steel plate as the base material, and adopts rubber water stop and anti-corrosion methods as the surface for sandblasting, rust removal and hot zinc spraying. The products can be produced according to the drawings provided by the user. The steel gate has more than fifty specifications of 1.5m×1.5m-10m×10m.

Steel gates are commonly used water blocking and water stopping equipment in water supply and drainage engineering, water conservancy, and hydropower engineering. They are composed of door frames, gates, sealing rings and adjustable wedge-shaped pressure blocks. After long-term wear and tear, its sealing surface can be adjusted by wedge-shaped pressure block to ensure normal operation.Steel gate(Steel gate) The high-quality steel plate is used as the base material, and the rubber water-stop and anti-corrosion methods are used for sandblasting, rust removal and hot zinc spraying on the surface. The steel gate has a reasonable structure, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and reliable function; installation , Adjustment, use, and maintenance convenience.

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