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Screw type horizontal gate
Screw type horizontal gate

Hengla reservoir gate-horizontal steel gate manufacturer

Introduction of steel gate: (1) Operation gate refers to the gate that completes the function of the water passing orifice. For example, it is often used to adjust the flow of the orifice to undertake the main work and can be opened and closed in moving water. (2) The incident gate refers to the gate that can be closed in the moving water when the downstream of the gate or the water channel or its equipment fails. When the demand is fast. When the speed is closed, it is called fast. Quick incident gate. Fast. Speed. When the gate is closed, it should meet the maintenance requirements of the unit and the steel pipe. The speed of the speed gate should be fast. When it is close to the threshold, it should not be greater than 5m/mid. The incident gate should be opened in static water. (3) The overhaul gate refers to the gate for retaining water when the operation gate I, 1 or a certain part of the hydraulic structure or equipment needs to be overhauled. This gate should be opened and closed in still water. (4) The construction gate refers to the gate used to close the construction diversion orifice. This gate is closed in moving water. The steel gate is an important part of the hydraulic structure, which is used to open or close the water discharge orifice and control the water level Adjust the flow, change the flow and other effects.

Experiment on the arc gate: After the gate installation is completed, we will conduct experiments and inspections on the arc gate with the supervisor: (1) Full stroke opening and closing experiment under anhydrous conditions. Check the rolling condition of the hinge, and the opening and closing process should be smooth and free of jamming, and the water seal rubber should not be damaged. In the whole process of this experiment, the contact surface of the water seal rubber and the stainless steel water seal seat plate must be lubricated with clean water to prevent damage to the water seal rubber. (2) For gates with expansion water seals, pressure chamber sealing experiments should be done according to the requirements of the construction drawings. Regardless of the type of water seal, the water seal rubber is not damaged at the full position of the gate, the light leakage inspection is qualified, and the water seal is tight.

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