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Hoisting sliding steel gate
Hoisting sliding steel gate

The cast iron gate is composed of door frame, gate plate, sealing ring and adjustable wedge-shaped pressing block. After the gate is worn for a long time, its sealing surface can be adjusted by the wedge pressure block to ensure normal operation. The product structure is reasonable and sturdy, strong in wear resistance and corrosion resistance, reliable in function; equipment, adjustment, use, protection and convenience. Equipment and maintenance methods of cast iron gates 1. Before the equipment cast iron gates, users should first check whether the connecting screws between the vertical frame and the horizontal frame, between the gate and the gate (referring to the gate of multiple gates) Loose during transportation and handling. Whether their stubbles are misaligned, adjust them to a plane. Check the gap between the gate and the gate to ensure that the gap between the gate and the gate is not more than 0.08mm. If there is a gap, you can adjust and close the equipment. . Tighten the connecting bolts. 2. When we are in the equipment, the gate is vertically inserted into the reserved slot, and adjustment pads are placed under the vertical frames on both sides (it is forbidden to lay down the cross beam). Anchor bolts are stringed into the foot holes, the orientation of the gate is adjusted, and the formwork is supported for the second stage pouring. 3. When the steel integrated gate/planar sliding gate/hydraulic gate manufacturer is pouring concrete, the mortar flowing into the gate, gate frame, inclined iron, and baffle should be completely removed to prevent the mortar from affecting the gate opening and closing after it has set.

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