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Hydraulic arc gate
Hydraulic arc gate

The body of the arc gate is composed of four parts: door leaf, support arm, supporting hinge and water stop device. The door leaf is an arc-shaped compression surface similar to a plane system, which is composed of an arc-shaped panel and a grid system of primary and secondary beams. The door leaf beam grid is arranged in two ways: main beam system and main longitudinal beam system. The main beam system is mostly used for exposed roof or arc gates with a relatively large width and height; the main longitudinal beam system is often used for a high-head submersible arc gate with a relatively small width and height. The support arm of the arc gate supports the door leaf and transmits the resultant radial force to the hinge shaft. The very narrow arc gate is also made into a support arm structure, which is called the single arm arc gate. The support arm is divided into a straight support arm and an oblique support arm. The latter is mostly used for an exposed top arc gate with a large orifice width. Each arm is mostly composed of two pressure-bearing members (columns). For larger heights, there are also three pressure-bearing members on each side. The supporting hinge is composed of a hinge connecting the supporting arm, a fixed shaft and a fixed hinge seat. The hinge seat is firmly connected with the buried components on the building and transmits force to the foundation. The hinge should be sensitive to rotation, and its device position should be higher than the downstream surface. There are cylindrical hinges and conical hinges for supporting hinges. Cylindrical hinges are relatively simple in structure, more convenient to manufacture and install, and are widely used; conical hinges are mostly used on large-span (wide) open-top arc gates.

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