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Curved steel gate
Curved steel gate

Planar fixed wheel gate (PGZ): Accepts large water heads, and is not restricted by the shape standard. It is widely used as working gates, accident gates, and overhaul gates in hydropower projects. Plane conclusions Steel gates are widely used in hydraulic and hydropower, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, aquaculture, agricultural water conservancy construction and other projects. The steel gates are mainly welded from steel plates. The corrosion-resistant sealing of the gates can be sealed by rubber. Good performance. The gate can be equipped with grooved pulleys and positioning wheels according to the increase of water head to reduce friction resistance and facilitate lifting and closing. (Drawings provided by the purchaser or provided by the manufacturer can be produced).

Xinhe Longgang Water Tools has more than 20 years of professional enterprises producing hydraulic machinery products and gates, with advanced production technology, strong technical force, and a group of senior professional production teams and advanced production equipment. The spacious and tidy factory area is located beside the highway.

Our factory is a professional enterprise with "Production License" issued by the Ministry of Water Resources, and has obtained the "9001-2008 Quality Management System" certificated enterprise. The factory has repeatedly been recognized as a provincial "Quality Trustworthy Unit" and "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise" .

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