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Sliding steel gate
Sliding steel gate

The reinforcement must be removed. Before the gate leaves the factory, in order to make the gate and the gate frame fit compactly, and reduce the gap after installation, 46 closing device weights are installed on the upper and lower frames of the gate of 2m or more. Note that the closed weights are removed after the gap is adjusted. In order to use the maintenance method of the cast iron gate of the gate switch 1. Pay attention to the upper and lower limit positions of the gate on the gate and not exceed the limit to avoid damage to the gate or the hoist. 2. In the process of opening and closing, if there is any abnormal situation, stop the operation immediately and check and repair in time. 3. When closing the gate, 10 cm away from the bottom of the gate, pause for 2 minutes to allow the torrent to wash away the debris in the bottom gate slot, and then close the gate. The company's production equipment is advanced, safe, and supporting facilities, high-quality employees, strong technical skills, strong welding, forging, casting, heat treatment, surface treatment capabilities, complete testing methods, design and production equipment, various large hoisting hoists , Large screw hoist, large flat sliding gate, medium fixed wheel gate, large trash rack, penstock and various casting gates, and low-head hydraulic turbine power generation equipment.

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