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Hydraulic horizontal pull gate
Hydraulic horizontal pull gate

1. Top pushing equipment

The jacking equipment is the power part of the operation of the horizontal gate. The device content includes the jacking trolley device, the top rail bed device, the rack device, the top roller device, etc. The top trolley, rack, and top roller devices are based on the top rail bed, so the top rail bed is a critical step, followed by the rack device.

2. Use of GIS in water resources management

  Hydraulic hoistThe department selects GIS technology in the spatial distribution and allocation of surface water resources. In addition, it also uses GIS to study groundwater resources. The functions of GIS in the water resources information management system generally include: historical data management and dynamic loading of real-time data; two-way query of information space and characteristics; temporal and spatial statistics; visually expressing the spatial distribution of various types of information in a variety of ways And the dynamic change process•'Spatial analysis of regional water resources•'Regional water resources management model zoning, such as banned and restricted mining of groundwater, water environment zoning, etc.

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