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Plane steel composite gate
Plane steel composite gate

The main products of Xinertai Machinery are: screw hoists ranging from 0.3 tons to 200 tons, with manual, electric, dual-use flashlight, and closed models. The hoist hoist ranges from 5 tons to 2*150 tons and many other standards. The gate is divided into ingot and steel, and the standard ranges from 0.2m*0.2m to 5m*5m.
1. QL type screw hoist This product has manual horizontal push type and side swing type, and has dual-use flashlight, and it is also divided into single lifting point and double lifting point. Among them, the small-tonnage hoist is equipped with a machine lock device, and the hoist above 3 tons is equipped with a height indicator and a upper and lower stroke limit device.
2. QPQ, QPK (Quick Door Close) type hoisting hoist: The product is a dual-purpose flashlight under 25 tons, and electric type with safety overload protection device for over 40 tons, equipped with upper and lower limit devices. In addition, we can produce various tonnage high-lift hoists and mobile hoists according to the specific requirements of users.
3. Cast iron flat sliding gate The gate has good water sealing effect, corrosion resistance, easy installation and protection, and is suitable for one-way and two-way water stop in engineering.
Fourth, we organize the production of steel gates in accordance with Chinese standards and user planning requirements. We can also adopt new technology for surface zinc spray treatment according to user planning requirements.
5. Intelligent instruments and meters. This product includes gate opening measuring and controlling instrument, load measuring and controlling instrument, gate opening load measuring and controlling instrument, opening double load measuring and controlling instrument, water level measuring and controlling instrument, water level difference measuring and controlling instrument, and new functions can be developed according to user requirements Smart meter.
6. Waterstop rubber and expansion joint rubber belts. The product has been tested by the Rubber Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, and all items have reached the national standard.

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