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Landscape gate under the wire rope
Landscape gate under the wire rope

The bottom horizontal axis rotating steel gate relates to the technical field of gate structures for water conservancy and hydropower engineering and urban scene engineering. It includes a number of fixed door leaves, the lower ends of which are fixedly connected to the bottom horizontal axis, and the bottom horizontal axis is rotated and connected to several The hinge seat, the left and right sides of the door leaf are separately provided with hydraulic hoists, the two ends of the bottom horizontal shaft are separately fixed and connected to the actuator arms, and the upper end of each actuator arm is separated from the corresponding telescopic rod hinge of the hydraulic hoist In connection, each hydraulic gate hoist is hingedly connected to the support, and a definite device is separately arranged in each support, and one end of each definite device is hinged and connected to the launch arm. In the utility model, after the above planning, the hydraulic hoist drives the bottom horizontal shaft to rotate through the driving arm, thereby driving the gate to make an arc movement, and the opening angle of the gate is controlled by the determining device. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and reliable performance, and is suitable for water, flood, artificial waterfall and other advantages. Xinertai Hydraulic Machinery in Jizhou District is a comprehensive enterprise that specializes in planning, manufacturing and mass-producing hydraulic machinery hoists and gates.

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