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Steel Dam Landscape Gate
Steel Dam Landscape Gate

The gate is used to close and open the control facilities of the water discharge (discharge) channel. An important part of hydraulic structures can be used to block water flow, control water level, regulate flow, discharge sediment and floats, etc. The gate is generally composed of three parts: movable part (also called door leaf), buried part and hoisting machinery. The door leaf includes: load-bearing structure, walking support, support arm, support hinge, water stop device, lifting lug, etc. The buried part includes: track, hinge seat, water stop seat, corner protector, etc. Commonly used opening and closing machinery are: hoisting, hydraulic, screw and mobile machinery. There are many ways to classify gates, mainly as follows: ①According to the nature of the operation of the gates, it can be divided into operating gates, inspection gates and incident gates. The operating gate is also called the primary gate, which can be opened and closed in moving water. The inspection gate is located in front of the operation gate. It is used for short-term water retention during maintenance of buildings or operating gates, etc., generally open and closed in still water. The incident gate is mostly set in front of the deep hole operation gate. It can be closed in moving water and opened in static water when a building or equipment has an incident; when it is also used as an inspection gate, it is also called an incident inspection gate; it needs to be closed urgently within a limited time The incident gate is called the fast gate.

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