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Steel composite gate
Steel composite gate

Steel composite gate is a new type of hydraulic metal structure equipment. It combines the advantages of steel gate and cast iron gate. It has the characteristics of high strength, convenient installation, easy protection, good water stopping effect, and moderate cost.

Xinhe County Shuixing Hydraulic Machinery Factory supplies steel composite gates for various large-scale water supply and drainage, water conservancy and hydropower projects.

Our main products include:

1.Screw hoistDivided into: manual, electric, electric, dual-use flashlight, fully enclosed, direct-connected, oblique pull, single lifting point and double lifting point, various specifications and models from 0.3 tons to 100 tons.

2.Hoisting hoistDivided into: trolley type, mobile type, arc door type, (QPQ, QPK, QPT, QHQ) from 5T-250T single lifting point and double lifting point and other specifications.

3. The cleaning equipment series are divided into: stainless steel fine grid grid gap, trash rack, tooth-type reverse grid decontamination machine, grid type reverse grid decontamination machine, GLGS high-chain lattice chain decontamination machine, YZL Type screw press, XGS rotary grille decontamination machine, HZG reverse grille decontamination machine.

4. Cast iron composite gate: suitable for waters with relatively deep heads, such as hydropower stations, reservoirs, etc.

5. There are more than sixty specifications of cast iron gates ranging from 0.2m×0.2m-6.5m×6.5m.

6. Steel gate, stainless steel gate: mainly used for environmental protection and sewage treatment.

7. The Mercury brand gates produced by our factory are safe to use, reasonable in structure, good in performance, water seepage in line with my country’s standards and convenient for debugging and protection

8. Various specifications of water stop rubber, expansion joint elastic rubber belt.

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