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Steel gate

Large span bottom shaft driveWater conservancy flap gateIt is a new type of gate that can complete two-way water blocking, sensitive opening and closing, stepless adjustment of gate opening, convenient dispatching, engineering shading, flood prevention and navigation, and improving the scene of the river. The research results are designed for large-span gates Major breakthrough. The results have been used in the Suzhou Creek Sluice Project in Shanghai. The operation of the gate in the past three years has shown that the gate is operating normally, safe and reliable. The successful use of a 100-meter span bottom-axis drive gate is the first case at home and abroad. For the two independent hydraulic systems of the large-span bottom shaft drive gate, the gate synchronization control is completed, the support and connection of the ultra-long heavy-duty drive shaft, the production and installation process, the long-term anti-corrosion of underwater metal structure equipment, and the bearing data in harsh water environment Special discussions were carried out on key technologies such as bearing structure methods and large-span flap gate opening and closing processes, and were successfully used. The successful use of the large-span bottom shaft drive gate has made the comprehensive water diversion of Suzhou Creek from the east to the west and from the west to the north a reality, effectively improving the water quality of the Suzhou Creek and its downstream tributaries, and the gates are steplessly adjustable to complete a city where people and water are reconciled The scene and the huge environmental benefits have laid the foundation for the completion of the master plan for the North Bund of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, and that the North Bund will form the economic and financial center of Shanghai together with the existing Bund, with significant social benefits.

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