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Anti-theft flap gate
Anti-theft flap gate

When the gate is assembled, in order to make the water stop friction surface of the gate and the gate frame fit tighter, the gap is reduced after the installation. The gate is equipped with pressure plate irons on the upper and lower horizontal frames, and the inclined irons of the vertical gate frames at both ends are increased. After adjusting the top wire, pay attention that the clamp iron and top wire are removed after the clearance is adjusted, so that the opening and closing of the gate will not be affected. 5. When the gate device is installed, all devices should be installed in place, and the gate plate and the gate frame separation device are prohibited to prevent the sluice frame from bending and deforming, affecting the water stop function and opening and closing.

After the gate is hoisted into the reserved second-stage pouring cement structure, it is necessary to ensure that the two vertical gate frames are close to the vertical line with a long level, and the upper and lower horizontal gate frames are close to the horizontal line with a long level. After all hoisting is in place, adjust

Adjust the correct positions of the front and back, left and right, and up and down, and then weld the adjusting anchor bolts and the engineering prefabricated steel bars firmly. Then use a feeler gauge to detect the gap at each water stop surface, and adjust the gap greater than 0.2mm with high-strength bolts to ensure that the large gap between each water stop surface is below 0.2mm. Then the two vertical gate frames on the back water surface of the gate are supported tightly with steel or wooden poles to prevent the cement from squeezing during pouring, which will cause the two vertical gate frames to be bent and deformed and affect the sliding of the gate up and down in the slideway of the gate frame. After acknowledging that it is correct, the second-stage cement can be poured later.

After pouring the cement in the second phase of the gate, the cement slurry flowing into the gap between the gate plate, gate frame, and closed plate should be removed in time to prevent the cement slurry from condensing and affecting the gate opening and closing.

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