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Flap gate
Flap gate

Now the most widely used flap gate is hydraulic automatic controlWater conservancy flap gateThe operating principle is lever balance and rolling. Specifically, the hydraulic automatic flap gate uses the hydraulic power and the gate component to check and balance each other, and through the addition of a damping feedback system to reach the intention of regulating the water level: when the upstream water level rises, the gate turns around" ;Horizontal axis&"gradually open the discharge; on the contrary, if the upstream water level drops, the gate will gradually close and store water, so that the upstream water level has been kept within the scope of planning requirements. For example, a roller-linked flap gate is a double-supported gate with connecting rods. It is composed of panels, outriggers, buttresses, rollers, connecting rods and other components. It is actively controlled according to changes in the water level of the gate and relying on hydraulic action. The opening and closing of the gate. When the upstream flow increases and the water level upstream of the gate rises, and the moment of the hydrodynamic pressure on the fulcrum is greater than the moment of the gate weight and various damping on the fulcrum, the gate is actively opened to a certain inclination angle until the hydrodynamic pressure reaches the fulcrum at this inclination angle The moment of is equal to the moment of the heavy fulcrum of the door, reaching the new balance under this flow. When the flow rate does not change, the opening angle also does not change. When the upstream flow is reduced to a certain extent, the torque of the door weight on the fulcrum is greater than the torque of the hydrodynamic pressure and various damping on the fulcrum, the hydraulic automatic flap gate can automatically return to a certain inclination angle, and then reach the new flow rate. Balance.

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