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Single drive hydraulic steel dam gate
Single drive hydraulic steel dam gate

In the construction of water conservancy and hydropower, with the needs of urban water, landscape construction and environmental improvement, irrigation, and power generation, flap gates, sluices and rubber dams have been widely used. However, the production of rubber dams is more complicated. During operation, filling (inflating) the dam or discharging (deflating) the dam takes a long time to collapse, which affects rapid closure or flood discharge. In addition, rubber is prone to aging and quality accidents are prone to occur. Nowadays, there are a large number of steel structure gates or flap gates on the market. However, no matter whether it is a lifting type or a horizontal type, it is difficult for a single hole to apply to a wider river. The steel dam gate is a new type of adjustable air-controlled overflow gate, which consists of a civil structure, a steel gate body with a fixed shaft, and hoisting equipment. This kind of building is suitable for wide gate openings (10m~~100m) and relatively small water level difference (1~~7m), because it can be designed to be wider and can save the number of gate piers. Therefore, not only is the structure simple, it can save a lot of civil construction investment, but also can store water at a vertical gate, drain floods with a horizontal gate, properly open and adjust the water level, and can also use the gate to top the water to form the landscape effect of an artificial waterfall.

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