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Stacked beam gate
Stacked beam gate

Stacked beam gate is also known as stacked beam gate, stacked beam valve, stacked beam gate. It uses multiple independent gates, which are placed horizontally in the door slot one by one to form a flat water retaining structure.

The structure of the stacked beam gate is simple, light weight, small lifting force, and convenient for transfer. However, because the water stop between the gate and the gate is sealed by its own weight, the integrity of the water retaining structure is poor, the water level seal is poor, and the amount of leakage Slightly larger than the steel gate, the stacked beam gate is suitable for temporary water retention or maintenance gate.

There are two types of stacked beam gates: ordinary type and stacked beam gates with pre-tensioning equipment.

For the stacked beam gate with pre-tensioning equipment, a slideway is set on the door slot, and the single gates are lowered along the slideway, and then the misalignment between the single stacked beams is avoided. On both sides of the upstream side of the stacked beam gate, a set of pre-tightening equipment is installed to make the stacked beam and the door groove close to each other to improve the water sealing effect. Practice has proved that the stacked beam gate with pre-tensioning equipment has more water leakage than ordinary stacked beam valves. cut back.

The hoisting of the stacked beam gate adopts a special grab-and-drop mechanism, which is correct in place, sensitive in movement and convenient in operation, which is welcomed by many customers.

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