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Split hydraulic gate
Split hydraulic gate

1. Inspection of sealing surface clearance

The joint surface of the door panel and the door frame sealing seat must be shoveled to remove debris and oil, and the gate shall be fully closed and then laid flat. In the case of no external load on the door panel, use a 0.1mm feeler gauge to measure the gap along the sealed joint surface, and its value is not more than 0.1mm.

2. Assembly inspection

Seat the door panel in the door frame and perform full-open and full-close reciprocating movements to check the position of the door panel when fully opened and fully closed, the wedging condition of the wedging surface and the clearance of the door panel in the guide groove. Use steel rulers and feeler gauges to measure separately, and the inspection results should conform to the rules of 4.3.2 ~ 4.3.4.

3. Leakage test

Any dirt should be removed from the sealing surface and no grease should be altered between the two sealing surfaces. Fully close the gate so that the door frame orifice is upward, and then pour clean water into the door frame orifice one by one. As long as the water does not overflow, the leakage of the sealing surface should not exceed 1.25L/min? m (seal length).

4. Full pressure leak test

When the ordering unit needs to conduct this experiment, it can negotiate with the manufacturer. Experimental method: The gate can be installed in the experimental pool or on-site for full pressure irrigation experiment. Use measuring instruments (measurement cylinder, chronograph, etc.) to detect the leakage of the sealing surface, and its value should not exceed 1.25L/min (seal length).

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