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Electric horizontal gate
Electric horizontal gate

Hengla Reservoir Gate-Produced by Hengla Steel Gate Manufacturers

Precautions for steel gates: If the operator is sloppy and does not follow the gate opening and closing procedures to check first and then operate, or the original operator asks for leave due to an accident, the replacement staff will operate blindly when they are not familiar with the opening and closing procedures and methods. If the direction of opening and closing is reversed, the gate is opened when the gate is closed, the wrong button is pressed during electric opening and closing, or the direction is reversed during manual opening and closing, and the closing direction is mistakenly operated as opening, and some are in closing The operator's thinking will not be concentrated, and the brake cannot be stopped immediately when the brake reaches the lower limit position. Some are the limit nuts of the screw. The limit symbolizes the displacement and does not have a limit effect. Products with the same effect include channel gates, spiral gates, stacked beam gates, square gates, cast iron gates, integrated gates, etc. As a well-known manufacturer of high-quality steel gates in Hebei, our steel gates: light weight, corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, and excellent sealing. The gate frame is sealed with soft rubber. Steel gates are also called steel gates because the gates are lighter in quality and advanced gate production technology. Sprocket gates use copper plate water-stop frames to seal the gates, and its wear resistance and aging resistance are much better than traditional rubber.

The cast iron gate equipment needs to be adjusted, find the precise position of each part of the gate, fix the cable, then adjust the welding between the bolt and the engineering steel bar, and measure the open space on each water surface. The major feature of the steel gate structure is the use of steel panels and the structure of the door leaf load-bearing structure. The two are excellently combined, so that the steel gate can withstand great pressure and pressure. Regarding the introduction of the role of the beam grid and the role of horizontal connection of steel gates, those who are interested can refer to the websites of some professional gate manufacturers for inquiries. Our rolling gate meets the practical application requirements under various working conditions, greatly increases the economy and reliability of the gate, and its applicability is also enhanced.

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