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In the thirty-third year of Qin Shihuang (214 BC), he sculpted a Ling Canal and set up a steep gate, also known as Doumen (now known as the Gate), to adjust the water level difference before and after the Doumen, so that the ship can only pass on the channel with a water level drop. This kind of steep gate constitutes a single gate ship lock, referred to as a single gate, or a half ship lock. During the Song Jingping reign of the Southern Dynasties (AD 423~424), two steep gates were made on the Yangtze River section of Yangzijin (now Yangzi Bridge in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province). With the water level, the ship can move up or down over the water level drop. During the Yongxi period of the Song Dynasty (984~987 AD), two steep gates were made in Xihe (now the canal from Huai'an to Huaiyin, Jiangsu Province), with a distance of 50 steps (approximately 76 meters). The steep gates were equipped with water delivery equipment. It is the famous Xihe Lock in Chinese history, which is the prototype of a modern ship lock. In Europe, the single gate appeared in the Netherlands in the 12th century. In 1481, Italy began to make ship locks. After the 20th century, in the United States, the Soviet Union and Western European countries, due to the development of rivers and the development of shipping, the number of ship locks has gradually increased, and the technology has also been continuously improved. The current large inland water lock is 360 meters long, 34.5 meters wide, and 5 meters deep on the sill, which can pass a 20,000-ton pusher fleet. The largest ship lock in the world-the Three Gorges ship lock, the Three Gorges ship lock was built in the mountain to the left of the Three Gorges Dam. The total length of the lock is 6442 meters. The upstream approach channel is 2,113 meters, the downstream approach channel is 2,708 meters, and the main section of the lock is 1,621 meters. The lock head and lock chamber of the main section of the ship lock are divided into north and south lines, which are all excavated in the rock of the mountain. The main section of each ship lock is composed of 6 lock heads and 5 lock chambers. Each lock chamber is 280 meters long and 34 meters wide, with a small water depth of 5 meters on the sill of the lock chamber. The Three Gorges ship lock can pass a 10,000-ton fleet, and it is designed to pass only 50 million tons per year. The two-line five-level ship lock of the Three Gorges Project, which was opened for navigation on June 16, is now the largest ship lock in the world.

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