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Ship lock
Ship lock

Ship lock refers to a type of&"Navigable Building GG". In natural rivers, it is necessary to have a stepped longitudinal section to form a concentrated water surface drop due to the regulation of flow, channelization and navigation, and the limitation of topographical conditions and water slope on the canal. Therefore, it is necessary to use special navigable structures to make ships directly pass the drop. Ship locks are most commonly used in modern navigation buildings. It is a box-shaped structure composed of upper and lower flow approach channels and upper and lower flow gate head connecting chambers. The lock chamber is a compartment room for docked ships (or fleets). The water level in the lock chamber is adjusted by filling or draining water indoors, so that the ships will rise and fall vertically between the upper and lower water levels, thereby passing through the concentrated water level drop of the channel. When the vessel is marching from the downstream to the upstream, the indoor water level drops to the level of the downstream water level, then the gate of the downstream lock head is opened, the ship enters the lock chamber, closes the gate, and fills the water. After the water level rises to the upstream water level, Open the upstream lock head gate and the ship can exit the lock and head upstream through the upstream approach channel. When the ship flows in from upstream to downward, the procedure for passing the gate is the opposite.

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