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Side open hydraulic gate
Side open hydraulic gate

The composition of the herringbone gate

The beam system of the herringbone gate leaf is arranged in two types: horizontal beam and vertical beam. Generally, the vertical beam type is selected when the door leaf is flat and wide, and a load-bearing beam should be installed on the top; most of the herringbone gates are selected for the beam type. In order to reduce the load of the load-bearing bottom pivot of large-scale herringbone doors, the underwater part of the gate is designed into a box shape, and buoyancy is used to offset part of the door weight.

Small ship locks sometimes do not use a herringbone double-leaf gate, but only use a single-leaf gate, which is a single-shaped gate, and its operation and layout are similar to those of a herringbone gate. When the herringbone gate is in operation, the two door leaves form a three-hinged arch to receive water pressure; when the water channel is open, the two door leaves are located in the door niche on the side wall, and do not accept water pressure and are in a non-operating state. HerringboneSteel gateGenerally, it can only accept one-way water pressure, and it can only be operated under static water conditions with upper and lower water levels. The locks used for navigable rivers are arranged at the upper and lower lock heads as operating gates. The main components of the gate hoist are hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel tubing, push-pull rods and electrical control cabinets.

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