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Ship lock herringbone gate
Ship lock herringbone gate

The ship lock is mainly controlled by the hydraulic hoist to control the miter gate switch to complete the passage of the passing ships. The miter gate and hydraulic hoist are an important part of the ship lock. The upper and lower water level is controlled by the switch of the miter gate to ensure the passage of ships. Herringbone gate hoist is currently the first type of opening and closing equipment used in ship lock engineering design. It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable opening and closing, and convenient centralized automatic control. The errors of the miter gate hoist device are all controlled in millimeters. If the device quality is defective, it will adversely affect the operation of the ship lock and even bring greater economic losses. During the installation process, the installation is carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings and construction standards. The accuracy and quality of the installation will directly affect the operation of the herringbone door and other situations.

Herringbone gate hoist

The composition of the gate hoist

The main components of the herringbone gate hoist are hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel tubing, push-pull rods and electrical control cabinets.

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