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CBZ steel valve
CBZ steel valve

Steel gates are usually used to open and close the movable structures of water crossings in local hydraulic structures. It can regulate flow, control water level, and transport ships.

The type of steel gate can be divided into

1. Construction gate: close the steel gate of the construction diversion opening

2. Operation gate: adjust the flow of the diversion port

3. Incident gates: steel gates that can be opened and closed when incidents occur up and down

4. Inspection gate: the steel gate that keeps the water closed when inspecting equipment

According to the orientation of the gate hole, it can be divided into

1. Exposed gate: the top reveals the water surface

2. DTH gate: the top is submerged below the water surface

Classified by door leaf shape

1. Plane steel gate

2. Curved steel gate

3. Herringbone steel gate

Composition of steel gate

1. Flat door leaf steel gate: a type of steel gate with a flat water retaining panel

2. Curved steel gate: a type of steel gate with a curved water retaining panel

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