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Stainless steel gate
Stainless steel gate

Stainless steel gate product use

The stainless steel gate is also called the conditioning weir gate or the downward-opening steel gate. The main material is stainless steel or carbon steel, and the rubber soft seal (when the material is cast iron, the sealing surface is inlaid with copper). It has light weight, sensitive operation, anti-corrosion, and no growth. Rust, easy to repair, and reliable sealing. It is widely used in water plants, sewage plants, irrigation and drainage, drainage, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, electric power, ponds, rivers and other projects, as a cut-off, flow adjustment and water level control .

2. Main technical parameters of stainless steel gate:

Operating pressure: 0.1MPa

Large operating head: 8 meters forward and 3 meters reverse

Operating medium: water, sewage

Installation method: vertical installation

Normal facing water surface: front facing water

Water seepage (L/min.m): forward 0.72 and reverse 1.25

Material of main parts of stainless steel gate

Part Name

Gate frame



Sealing ring




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