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Concealed lever integrated gate
Concealed lever integrated gate

Equipment adjustment

For cast iron gates, be sure to check whether the larger appearance standards of the gate and the settling holes of the second-phase pouring cement structure are consistent with each other before the equipment. The standards around the base settling holes must be greater than the standard of 20 cm around the larger appearance of the gate. should.

1. Before the gate equipment, first confirm the direction of the water flow, and then it is necessary to check the correct height orientation of the plane on the bottom horizontal frame of the gate. The top plane of the bottom horizontal frame of the gate must be 0.5 meters higher than the plane of the river bottom (or canal bottom). The rush of the waterproof current rushes the floating objects such as stones, silt, miscellaneous wood into the horizontal frame trough at the bottom of the gate, which constitutes that the gate cannot be lowered to the corresponding position and affects the water-stop effect.

2. Before the gate equipment, first check whether the connecting bolts of each part are loose during transportation and loading and unloading. If they are loose, use a wrench to tighten them.

3. Check again to see if the surrounding water stop planes at the junction of the two vertical gate frames and the upper and lower horizontal gate frames are misaligned. If there is any misalignment, use a wrench to loosen the bolts at the junction, adjust the surrounding water stop in the same horizontal plane, and then tighten.

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