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Composite material square door
Composite material square door

Square buckle doors are customized according to the needs of pipes or water outlets. Square buckle doors are classified into square composite materials, square cast iron buckle doors, and square steel buckle doors. Square composite buckle doors are divided into square fiberglass buckle doors and square HDPE buckles Because the valve body components of the square buckle door are mostly non-standard products, they need to be customized by a fixed mold, so the cost is higher. Scope of application of square composite clasp door: suitable for water conservancy systems, municipal sewage, urban flood control and drainage, sewage treatment plants, water plants, etc.

Xinertai Machinery Factory specializes in tailoring square composite clasp doors for users, and supplies square composite clasp doors at low prices. The square composite clasp valve body has a reasonable planning angle, high mechanical strength and good sealing performance. The square composite clasp can also use its own load to reach the function of forward opening and reverse closure. The square composite clasp does not require manpower during operation. Operation, and the opening angle is large, the square composite buckle door (glass reinforced plastic buckle door, HDPE buckle door) produced by our company has been used in many domestic water conservancy projects, and it has been running well, and has been praised by many experts and users.

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