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FRP door
FRP door

Composite buckle door is a kind of buckle door made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material. It is usually a kind of device installed at the outlet of riverside drainage pipe. It can be used well in various pipes and water channels of water supply and drainage and sewage treatment projects. The function of flow and non-return can also be applied to the side of various shaft covers, and can only be applied to the outlet of one-way water flow. So what are the key points to pay attention to when installing FRP buckle doors?

① The installation of the composite clasp door can be connected with the flange, welded with the embedded plate or second-cast.

②When the floating box buckle door is used, the specific gravity of the door leaf can be changed by filling or draining water into the sealed cavity of the door leaf, which can achieve the best opening effect.

③After the composite clasp door is installed, it is normal that there is a gap of about three millimeters between the door seat and the door leaf. When the door leaf of the FRP clasp door bears a certain reverse pressure, the gap will be reduced or disappear.

④ The buckle door should keep its flow channel and sealing ring from being blocked by rocks, branches and other debris during use, which will affect the sealing effect.

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