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Cast iron door
Cast iron door

1. The energy-saving effect of cast iron slap doors is very good. Its use does not require a lot of energy. It does not require additional external force when operating it. It can take automated operations, so that it can complete the convenience of the work. .

2. The operating time of cast iron slap doors is relatively long compared to ordinary gates. The length of life depends on ordinary maintenance. The maintenance method of cast iron slap doors is relatively simple. Since its structure is relatively simple, the service life is relatively long.
The drainage treatment of cast iron flap doors can be customized in detail according to customer needs. The connection method can be divided into two aspects: concrete pouring type and flange connection type.

Uses of cast iron slap doors:

Slap doors are mostly used to feed river tides, pipes and canals, and can be used for various shafts and manhole covers to play an overflow and stop function in drainage and sewage disposal projects. They are only used for round, square or rectangular one-way water flow. The outlet is simple in structure and reliable in work. It does not require manual operation. It can be connected with flanges or fixed with embedded parts.

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