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Cast iron square door
Cast iron square door

Function scale propertyrange Nominal pressure: 1,6MPa Nominal diameter: 200mm Working temperature: ≦120℃ Applicable medium: air, compressed air parts data modification NO, part name data 1 valve body body carbon steel Carbonsteel2 valve disc carbon steel {{ 6}}Rubber Carbonsteel+Rubber3 Shaft Carbon Steel Carbonsteel4 Valve Cover B.

No human operation is required. The opening and closing force comes from the pressure of the water source, when the water pressure in the gate is greater thanStainless steel gateThe outside pressure is open, otherwise it is closed. Button function: Nominal pressure: 0,1MPa-1,0MPa Applicable medium: water, river water, river water, sea water, day, industrial sewage Applicable temperature: ≦50℃ Applicable scale: suitable for water conservancy system.

The muffler check valve can only be installed on a horizontal pipeline. The disc of the high-pressure small-diameter check valve can be a round ball. The body shape of the muffler check valve is the same as that of the stop valve (can be used in common with the stop valve), so Its fluid resistance coefficient is relatively large, and its structure is similar to that of a globe valve. The valve body and the valve disc are the same as the globe valve. The upper part of the valve disc and the lower part of the valve cover are processed with guide sleeves.

However, the problem cannot be solved. Because the bond will break and fail when subjected to thermal shock, a sufficiently large pressure drop will destroy the bond data. The nature of the data should be considered for the modification of the soft valve seat. 1) Fluid compatibility, including expansion, Loss of hardness, permeability, degradation, 2) hardness, 3) deformation, 4) degree of recovery after load removal, 5) tensile and compressive strength, 6) deformation before rupture, 7) modulus of elasticity.

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