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Cast iron way to shoot the door
Cast iron way to shoot the door

Door structure and operating principle:

It consists of four parts: valve seat, valve plate, dense soil sealing ring and hinge.

The round and square outlet gates are only used for one-way water flow. The structure is tight, the operation is reliable, and the opening and closing force comes from

Water source pressure, when the water pressure inside the pat door is greater than the pressure outside the pat door, it will open; otherwise, it will be closed.

Slap door function:

Applicable medium: water, river water, river water, sea water, daily life, industrial sewage

Scope of application:

It is suitable for water conservancy system, municipal sewage, urban flood control and drainage, sewage treatment plant, water supply plant, etc.

Product standards and categories:

There are two types of shutter doors: round shutter doors and square shutter doors, which can be planned and produced according to the size and shape of the outlet door; the types of shutter doors can be hollow floating plate type shutter doors and flat plate type shutter doors.

Door shooting equipment:

The following methods can be used for the door slap equipment: flange connection, concrete pouring.

The allowable error between the center of the door and the center of the runner should not be greater than 3.0 mm

There should be a 400 mm equipment space around the shooting door, and a 1:5 slope should be made below the shooting door.

Accessories for door slap equipment: bolts or expansion wires are made of stainless steel or anticorrosive carbon steel; seals are made of rubber or rubber gaskets.

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