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Small diameter round diameter cast iron slap door
Small diameter round diameter cast iron slap door

Cast iron shutters are commonly used in water conservancy engineering equipment, and are supporting machinery for inlet and outlet sluices such as farm irrigation, aquaculture, sewage treatment plants, hydroelectric power stations, reservoirs, river sluices, dams, channels, culverts, pipelines, etc.

Cast iron slap door-the main device is at the end of the drainage pipe to avoid the ingress of external water. The materials are divided into stainless steel, cast iron, section steel, composite materials (glass reinforced plastic) and other materials. It is a one-way valve installed at the outlet of the drainage pipe by the river. When the tide level of the river is higher than the outlet pipe and the pressure is greater than the pressure in the pipe, the door panel is automatically closed to prevent the river tide from pouring into the drainage pipe

Compared with traditional gates, cast iron shutters have the following advantages:
1. More energy-saving, such as opening and closing the door without manual application of external force
2. Long service life, simple mechanical structure and convenient maintenance
3. No need to manually operate the switch
The cast iron slap door is a pipe installation that can complete the drainage function. The cast iron slap door can avoid the ingress of external water. The choice of the slap door can be selected according to its working nature, material and type. The use of the cast iron slap door It is installed on the edge of the river. It is a kind of one-way valve for drainage pipes. Under different conditions, it will also stop closing under different conditions to avoid the drainage pipes from being inverted.

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