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Double side open cast iron round flap door
Double side open cast iron round flap door

Use elastic sealing material and small actuator thrust to obtain a tightly sealed bubble, compressing the valve seat sealing stress to elastically deform the material and squeeze into the rough surface of the matched metal parts to block all the leakage channels and data penetration Sexuality is the basis of a small number of leaks for fluids, and the data is too soft.

The valve is actively opened to discharge the excessive pressure in the gas descender to avoid damage to the container or pipeline. When the pressure in the container drops to the normal operating pressure, it is actively closed to avoid exhausting all the gas due to the overpressure of the container, which will cause spoilage and interruption of production. , The check valve is mainly used for the wind pole where the medium is compressed air.

Slap doors-mainly installed at the end of the drainage pipe to avoid external water intrusion. The materials are divided into stainless steel, cast iron, profile steel, composite materials (glass reinforced plastic) and other materials, and there are many types of slap doors, for example, Floating box type shutter door, flat type shutter door, sleeve type shutter door, etc. are a kind of one-way valve installed on the riverside drainage pipe.

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