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Flange cast iron door
Flange cast iron door

Prevent the medium from entering the fan in the reverse direction and can have a pressure relief effect together. The valve is to prevent the pressure equipment and the container or the equipment that is easy to cause the pressure rise or the internal pressure of the container to exceed the limit and burst. The valve is a pressure vessel, a boiler, a pressure pipe, etc. The pressure system uses a wide range of equipment to ensure the operation of the pressure system when the pressure of the vessel exceeds the planning regulations.

The buckle door is made into a 1:5 slope below the door. The accessories for the buckle door installation: bolts or expansion wires are made of stainless steel or carbon steel with anti-corrosion treatment, and the seals are made of rubber or rubber gaskets. Use: suitable for water supply and drainage and sewage It can be used for overflow in various pipes and canals in the treatment project, with a non-return effect, and can also be used for various shaft covers, only for the round shape of one-way water flow.

Its flow resistance is smaller than that of the straight-through type.3, check valve: the disc check valve rotates around the pin shaft in the valve seat. The disc check valve has a simple structure and can only be installed on a horizontal pipeline with better sealing performance. 4. Check valve: A valve whose disc slides along the center line of the valve body. The pipeline check valve is a new valve with a small size.

The structure is tight and the operation is reliable. No human operation is required. The opening and closing force comes from the pressure of the water source. When the water pressure in the buckle door is greater than the pressure on the outside of the buckle door, it will open, otherwise it will be closed. Applicable media: water, river water, river water, sea water, domestic, industrial sewage Scope of application: suitable for water conservancy systems, municipal sewage, urban flood control and drainage, sewage treatment plants.

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