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Flange and embedded cast iron clap door
Flange and embedded cast iron clap door

The gate is a non-return valve product, which is mainly installed at the end of the drainage pipe to prevent the ingress of external water. Materials are divided into stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and other materials.River gateIt is a one-way valve installed at the outlet of the drainage pipe by the river. When the tide level of the river is higher than the outlet of the water outlet and the pressure is greater than the pressure in the pipe, the shutter panel is actively closed to prevent the river tide from pouring into the drainage pipe. The structure is tight and the operation is reliable. The opening and closing force comes from the pressure of the water source without human operation. When the water pressure in the buckle door is greater than the outside pressure, it will open, otherwise it will close.

Cast iron round gates have been used by many well-known domestic water conservancy urban construction projects. The company’s cast iron round gate uses high-quality nodular cast iron and malleable cast iron, which have superior mechanical properties, wear resistance and good toughness. The company’s cast iron round buckle door has been quenched to enhance the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the cast iron round buckle door. Sex, beautiful appearance. Cast iron round gates can be customized into single or double doors according to user needs. There are a variety of styles such as rollover cast iron round gates, pontoon cast iron round gates, flat cast iron round buckle doors, etc., with a diameter of 200mm-3000mm. Cast iron round buckle door device can choose various methods such as flange connection, concrete pouring and embedded parts connection.

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