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Bottom opening electric round gate
Bottom opening electric round gate

Cast iron square gate of hydropower station

The gates used in water conservancy projects generally have to go through anti-corrosion measures. This shou will simply corrode because the gates are often immersed in water. Start hazards to the safe operation of the gate. Therefore, before the equipment gate, the gate must be treated with anti-corrosion measures. The anti-corrosion methods of cast iron gates can be divided into the following three categories: 1. Metal spraying: spraying stainless metal on the surface of the gate to prevent corrosion, the effect is excellent. The gate hoist should be sprayed in the factory if conditions permit. After finishing the stainless steel gate equipment, put up asphalt or other closing layer. Materials such as zinc and aluminum can be used as the metal for spraying anti-rust layer. The thickness of the spray coating is generally about 0.3 mm. Before spraying, the gate surface is treated with sandblasting to remove the old active layer, rust, and the white metal luster of Mengba Mountain to ensure the rough surface to facilitate the adhesion of the sprayed layer. 2. Paint protection: (1) For gates that are often in humid places, the following paints should be used: 3. Impressed current cathodic protection and coatings to prevent corrosion: (1) Protection potential selection. The appropriate protection potential should be based on the water quality and the appearance of the gate. , Gate data resolution. (2) The anode materials and arrangement: the anode materials can be general section steel. If necessary, insoluble metals such as high-pressure cast iron and aluminum-silver alloy can also be used. The arrangement and structure of the anode can be determined by field experiments. (3) Paint selection: collaborative cathodic protection, the following paints can be used for the exterior of the gate.

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