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Two-way cast iron round gate
Two-way cast iron round gate


Features of two-way water-stop cast iron gate

Two-way water-stop cast iron gates are widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, aquatic breeding, agricultural water conservancy construction and other projects.

The two-way water-stop cast iron gate structure is reasonable, easy to install, simple and flexible to operate, and easy to manage.

It has strong anti-corrosion ability and can be used in fluid acid and alkali with PH=6-8.

Good water stopping effect; normal water seepage L≤0.07L/m. s.

According to the structure of the gate, it is divided into: PZ-type plane flat door and PGZ-type plane arch door, which can be divided into two types: integral type and assembled type.

The specifications are complete from 0.2x0.2-6.5x6.5m (6.5x6.5m high water head number is 6.5m); when the water outlet]=3m, it is a double lifting point gate.

Two-way water-stop cast iron gate device:

Two-way water-stop cast iron gate device:

The two-way water-stop cast iron gate device shall be integrated as a whole. The first stage is poured, and the sealing water gap between the gate and the gate frame is adjusted to less than 0.3mm before the second stage of pouring.

When pouring concrete, it is necessary to remove the mortar flowing into the gap of the gate, the gate frame, the inclined iron, and the baffle to prevent the mortar from affecting the opening and closing of the gate after the setting.
The upper and lower frames of the gate are equipped with fixed blocks to prevent the gate from sliding out during transportation, hoisting, etc. After the device is condensed (before use), the fixing blocks of the upper gate frame and the tightening bolts of the lower frame should be removed before starting.

When opening and closing the gate, attention should be paid to the upper and lower plates of the gate to avoid damage to the gate or the hoist.

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