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Double lifting point cast iron gate
Double lifting point cast iron gate

Hydraulic steel gate: It has the characteristics of simple structure, easy repair, light weight, arbitrary orientation, and can be operated remotely. The hydraulic system is a professional accessory product, which consists of a separate hydraulic jack and an oil pump station. Uses: Widely used in electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection, chemical, municipal sewage treatment and other projects. River gates, reservoir gates, and water conservancy flap gates are used to control the size of water flow. Operating principle: Install hydraulic jacks, high-pressure oil pipes and high-pressure electric oil pump stations on the flat steel gate. After the high-pressure oil pump station, the hydraulic oil is fed into the jack working cylinder through the high-pressure hose, the piston is jacked up, and the gate guide groove is pressed to make the "P" rubber of the steel gate close to the water stop surface of the gate groove and reach the water stop. intention. Operation method: Put the steel gate under water, when the steel gate is in place, start the motor, the jack piston rod should be extended gradually and fully. After a period of time, the jack pressure will drop. You can start the motor from the hair to add pressure to the jack to keep the system pressure within a certain range (the pressure can be repeated repeatedly). When the steel gate is to be lifted out of the water, the electric motor is activated first, the jack piston rod is retracted, and the steel gate can be lifted out of the water. Repair and maintenance: Generally, check every three to six months according to the operating conditions, whether the seal is useful and whether the pressure holding is reliable; overhaul once every two years, replace all the seals, hydraulic oil and other vulnerable parts.

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