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Cast iron gate
Cast iron gate

When the cast iron gate is operating, change the hoist handle (electricHoist, Just press the power switch button of the control box) to make the nut or screw worm rotate, and drive the screw to operate, so that the door body can reciprocate up and down relative to the door frame. Therefore, when the door body is lowered to the set limit position, the door frame and the sealing seat surface of the door body can be effectively bonded, which plays a role of water interception.

When adjusting the embedded parts, hang the piano wire, adjust with jacks, adjusting bolts, etc., and reinforce according to the planning drawings after adjustment. The reinforcement is firm to ensure that the embedded parts will not be deformed or displaced during the second-stage concrete pouring. After installation and adjustment, the embedded parts are allowed to conform to the bidding documents, planning drawings and DL/T5018-94 standard rules.

Before operation, check the hoisting machine to see if the lubrication condition of each part is outstanding and whether the bolts are loose. Hoist. When the gate hoist is running, the operator shall not leave the scene, and immediately shut down the machine when a problem is found. Since the beginning of this year, cadres and employees of the water conservancy system of Dali Prefecture have changed their styles, boosted their enthusiasm, and increased their vitality, and vigorously carried out the activities of "Prospering Water and Benefiting People".

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