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Adjustable cast iron inlaid copper full track gate
Adjustable cast iron inlaid copper full track gate

Water conservancy machinery has a wide range and many types, but according to the current actual situation, it is more appropriate to be divided into the following 6 categories:

1. Water conservancy and hydropower construction machinery; 2. Hydraulic machinery; 3. Farmland water conservancy construction machinery; 4. Water conservancy and hydrological automation systems and equipment; 5. Flood prevention and emergency rescue machinery; 6. Small and medium-sized hydropower machinery.

Water conservancy and hydropower construction machinery: improved general machinery (construction machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transport machinery, concrete machinery, special machinery (soft ground construction machinery); construction machinery in marshland, tidal flat area, frozen soil construction machinery, underwater construction machinery, foundation Processing machinery, supporting auxiliary machinery).

Hydraulic machinery: steel structure, gate, hoist,Trash rack, Cleaner, non-standard equipment, repair parts.

Farmland water conservancy construction machinery: trench machinery (ditching and trenching machinery, slope cutting and flattening machinery, lining maintenance machinery, spray film maintenance machinery); dredging machinery (dredge and filling machinery, water surface cleaning machinery, special machinery); irrigation machinery ( General-purpose irrigation machinery, water-saving irrigation machinery, wind-driven water-lifting irrigation machinery, solar-powered water-lifting irrigation machinery); drainage machinery (general drainage machinery, concealed pipe drainage machinery); well drilling machinery (auger, impact, forward and reverse circulation , Diving, special matching).

Water conservancy and hydrological automation system and equipment: water conservancy and hydrological measurement and reporting system, dam monitoring system, satellite remote sensing and remote measurement system, special instruments and appearance.

Flood prevention and rescue machinery: rescue and disaster relief command system, rescue and disaster relief rapid investigation system, rescue and disaster relief on-site construction system, rescue and disaster relief support and guarantee system.

Small and medium hydropower machinery: Small and medium hydropower generators form a set system, small and medium hydropower stations complete sets and auxiliary systems, power transmission and distribution equipment.

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