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Adjustable cast iron gate
Adjustable cast iron gate

Gates are installed on empty gates of structures such as overflow dams, bank spillways, drain holes, hydraulic tunnels and sluices, to regulate flow, control the upper and lower water levels, discharge floods, and remove sediment or floating objects. It is an important part of hydraulic structures. In a sluice project, the gate is the main part and often occupies most of the water retaining area. Gates are divided into flat gates and arc gates.

Some gates, such as flap gates, can be opened and closed automatically by hydraulic power, called hydraulic active gates. The method of selecting the gate requires consideration of its location, standard, planning head, operating conditions, manufacturing ability, and equipment technical level in the hydraulic structure. It requires good water flow conditions, tight water stop, and small opening and closing force during discharge. , Simple and sensitive operation, convenient maintenance and so on. Plane gates and arc gates are commonly used gate types. Among the operation gates, large open-top gates and high-head DTH gates mostly use radial gates, ship locks mostly use miter gates and horizontally drawn gates, and plane gates are generally used for maintenance gates and accident gates. In modern times, the material for the door leaf is mostly steel, and the reinforced concrete is mostly used as a blocking gate that requires its own weight to close the construction diversion bottom hole. In addition, the control equipment used in the pressure pipeline that integrates the door leaf, the housing and the opening and closing machinery, is generally called the valve.

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