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Integrated cast iron gate
Integrated cast iron gate

Frequent necessary maintenance operations can reduce wear, hidden dangers and failures, and keep the equipment in good technical condition at all times, so as to extend the service life, reduce operating costs, and ensure reliable operation. Maintenance content technology: including "cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication" operations. Cleaning is to regularly clean the exterior, interior and braking circumferential surface of the gate hoist, electrical contacts, electromagnet contact surfaces and the surrounding environment.

When working, turn the crank handle of the hoist (electric hoist, just press the power switch button of the control box) to make the nut or screw worm rotate, drive the drive screw to work, and make the door body move up and down relative to the door frame. At the same time, the wedge tightening device can tighten and loosen the wedges, so that when the door body is lowered to the set limit position, the door frame and the sealing seat surface of the door body can be effectively attached, which can cut water.

The overall mechanical strength of the machine is calculated according to the light working level, electricHoistAccording to short-term operation, if the work level needs to be improved, the households shall mention it, and then replace the type of manufacturing pattern of the hoist hoist, manufacture and supply it.

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