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High pressure flat cast iron gate
High pressure flat cast iron gate

When lifting heavy objects and need to stay in the air, in addition to the brakes, the spurs should be locked firmly. During operation, it is prohibited to leave the post privately. 4. Obey the commander’s letter during work. When the letter is unclear or may cause an incident, suspend the operation and wait until the situation is clarified before continuing to operate the hoist. Precautions for hoisting hoist 1. The wire ropes on the reel are placed neatly. If stacking or oblique winding is found, stop the machine and reposition it. It is forbidden to pull or step on the wire rope during rolling.

Start damage to the gate. Therefore, before installing the gate, the gate must be treated with anti-corrosion measures. The anti-corrosion methods of cast iron gates can be divided into the following three categories: 1. Metal spraying: spraying stainless metal on the surface of the gate to avoid corrosion, the effect is outstanding. 2. Paint maintenance: (1) The gate is often wet, and the following paints should be used: 3. The applied current cathode maintenance and the joint anti-corrosion of the paint: (1) The maintenance potential is selected, and the proper maintenance potential depends on the water quality, the appearance of the gate, and the gate Material decision.

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