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High-pressure pipeline bidirectional cast iron gate
High-pressure pipeline bidirectional cast iron gate

The gate groove and the plate surface of the cast iron gate are the whole device, and the second pouring method (the whole device can also be cast at one time). Before pouring, the gate shall be adjusted and fixed on the basis of the sealing water stop surface and the lateral guide rail surface, and the reverse side shall be supported. To avoid deformation, the concrete slurry must be sealed to prevent leakage.

Before pouring the cast iron gate device, adjust the eccentricity and gap between the gate and the gate frame and lock the wedge device to achieve a good water stop.

The plate surface of the cast iron gate and the gate groove are matched and matched, and shall not be exchanged during transportation, storage and installation to avoid affecting the water stop function.

The front surface of the gate must be installed according to the planning requirements, otherwise the plate surface will be broken due to the wrong direction of the force on the plate surface. In the case of reverse pressure, it must be stated at the time of order to avoid major accidents.

The orifice size and water head must be supplied when ordering. For the lifting height and structure method, the gate surface is generally pressured in the forward direction (upward side). If the pressure is reversed, please specify when ordering. The water stop is generally the rear water stop (reverse water). When the front water stop is required, it should be stated when ordering, and it must be operated in accordance with the operating rules when using it.

Always check whether the gate plate and gate are jammed, and remove the jammed objects in time to ensure that the position is centered to make the equipment operate normally.

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