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Arched cast iron round gate
Arched cast iron round gate

Product overview of flanged cast iron round gate:

Flanged cast iron round gate, also called cast iron round gate, is an ideal equipment for water supply and drainage and sewage treatment that Hongyang Water Conservancy Gate actively absorbs advanced structures and technologies at home and abroad to improve it. The manufacturing and processing of the round gate conforms to the CJ/T300-1992 standard of the Ministry of Construction. It is widely used in water supply and drainage projects such as municipal, petroleum, chemical, power station, metallurgy, coal, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, sewage treatment, etc. For those with a nominal pressure of 0.1MPa or less, it is used in places such as the confluence of pits, silt ponds, sewage channels, original station wells, clean pools, etc., to cut off, dredge the water flow or adjust the water level. It can be used in combination with manual, electric and hydraulic hoist to complete on-site operation or remote centralized control. It can also be linked with a microcomputer.

Structural features of flanged cast iron round gate:

Flanged cast iron gates are divided into cast iron round gates and cast iron inlaid copper round gates according to their use characteristics, flanged cast iron inlaid copper round gatesSteel gateIt is composed of door frame, gate, guide rail, flange, sealing strip, adjustable sealing mechanism and other parts. It has the characteristics of simple structure, good sealing performance, strong wear resistance, simple operation, convenient device, long service life, complete specifications and wide applicability. It can be equipped with manual hoist or flashlight hoist according to customer needs.

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