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Wall-mounted flange dual-purpose round gate
Wall-mounted flange dual-purpose round gate

Cast iron gate is a small flat gate, widely used in water intake, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation and other projects. It is generally set at the inlet of channels and culverts. It is used as a working gate to adjust flow, control water level, or use Used as an overhaul gate to close the orifice to keep water.

The cast iron gate is generally equipped with adjustable wedging equipment, and the wedging pairs (such as wedges and wedges, wedges and eccentric pins, etc.) are respectively installed on the door body and door frame. Adjusting the wedging device can make the door body close to the door frame when the gate is closed, reaching the water-stop requirement.

The cast iron gate is generally equipped with manual or electric screw type hoist to operate the gate opening and closing.

The cast iron gate has the following characteristics:

The installation is simple, the structure is compact, and the space is saved; the operation and maintenance are simple, and the operation cost is reduced, but the cost of the cast iron gate is slightly higher than that of the steel gate.

Strong corrosion resistance. The material of the door body and door frame is made of cast iron, and the water-stop surface is inlaid with corrosion-resistant materials such as copper alloy or stainless steel. It has strong anti-corrosion ability and is especially suitable for sewage or seawater environments. Where there are special requirements, nickel-chromium alloy cast iron and other materials with stronger corrosion resistance can also be used.

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