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Flange connection cast iron inlaid copper round gate
Flange connection cast iron inlaid copper round gate

1. Cast iron with copperSteel gateBefore installation, first check whether the connecting screws between the vertical frame and the horizontal frame, between the gate and the gate (referring to the gate combined with multiple gates), whether they are loose during transportation and handling, and whether their stubbles are misaligned. To adjust to a plane, check the gap between the gate and the gate to ensure that the gap between the gate and the gate is not more than 0.08mm, if there is a gap, you can adjust the closing device. Tighten the connecting bolts.

2. When installing, the gate is vertically inserted into the reserved groove, and adjustment pads are placed under the two vertical frames (no lower beams are allowed), and the two vertical frames are erected by manual hoist and diagonal pulling. The gates are straightened and leveled, and inside the foot holes String up the anchor bolts, adjust the position of the gate, and support the formwork for the second stage pouring.

3. When pouring concrete, the mortar flowing into the gate, the gate frame, the inclined iron, and the baffle should be completely removed to prevent the mortar from affecting the opening and closing of the gate after solidification.

4. Remove the reinforcement. Before the gate leaves the factory, in order to make the gate plate and the gate frame fit tightly, and reduce the gap after installation, 4-6 locking device weights are installed on the upper and lower frames of the gate over 2m. Pay attention to close the weight after the gap is adjusted. Remove so that the gate can be opened and closed.

5. Reserve the position of the gate and hoist device according to the requirements in the pre-buried diagram;

6. Pre-embed the embedded parts with a plumb hammer straight line method to ensure that the appearance and verticality are within the range of 1.5-3‰;

7. Fix the door frame and guide rail on the embedded parts with bolts;

8. When the screw slenderness ratio (increased rod length/screw outer diameter) is 4H/d>200, the shaft guide should be set, and the distance between the shaft guide and the gate lifting lug should be greater than the gate opening.

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