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Wall-mounted cast iron square gate
Wall-mounted cast iron square gate

The characteristics of cast iron gates: Cast iron gates are small flat gates, which are widely used in water intake, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation and other projects. They are generally set at the inlets of channels and culverts and used as working gates to adjust flow. Control the water level or use it as an overhaul gate to close the orifice to block water.

There are two types of cast iron gates: square and round. The cast iron gate is generally composed of two parts, the door leaf and the door frame. The material of the door body and the door frame is cast iron, which is generally cast and processed.

The door body generally chooses the structure of panel and reinforcing rib, and the panel can be flat or arched. The door body is generally cast and machined as a whole, but the larger size can be divided into blocks. The door body is generally selected as a whole metal water stop, which also serves as a supporting slider. The metal water stop is fastened to the door with a countersunk screw made of the same material. The screw head and the water stop working surface are processed together, and some are larger in size. It can also be "P"-shaped rubber water stop.

The door frame isSteel gateThe connecting member with the foundation is equivalent to the buried high part of the flat steel gate. The door frame includes two parts, a lower door frame and an upper rail. The lower door frame is generally cast as a whole. The guide rail can be connected with the door frame by bolts (screws) or cast with the lower door frame. When the door body is opened to a high position, the top of the guide rail should be higher than the horizontal center line of the door body.

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